You are welcome to WOSIB MINISTRIES WORLDWIDE. WE ARE THE HOLY SPIRIT GLOBAL FAMILY CHURCH. At WOSIB MINISTRIES WORLDWIDE, we believe that we have a mandate to reach out to the un reached souls everywhere especially to the developing and rural areas/communities. This will help to extend the hand of AGAPE to the needy and to all. GOD has commissioned WOSIB MINISTIRES TO INSPIRE,TO REVIVE AND TO EMPOWER all lives by teaching, preaching and living the Agape kind of love.

This Agape kind of love is God’s love and it is the only prerequisite to eternity with Christ. The only divine prescription to bring everlasting peace, joy and unity to the global community is called AGAPE OR GOD’S LOVE. It is the trans-generational solution to global unrest. 

By the power of the HOLY SPIRIT, WOSIB MINISTRIES has been ordained to put smiles and laughter on the faces of people. These include children, orphans,widows, men, women and the less privileged in the rural and developing communities.